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Icon 31 de March, 2022
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Liz Edwards, commissioning editor at the Sunday Times Travel has commissioned national freelance journalist Jenni Doggett, to write a 1200-word feature that will be published in print as soon as possible after April 11th, 2022. ( It is most likely hat the feature will also appear in digital edition). Proposed theme of article by journalist is – Closer than the Caribbean and less crowded than the Canaries, you can find a bit of everything under the sun on the varied islands of Cape Verde.

Dear Tracey, Edson and Rufino

Just wanted to say a massive thank you to the 3 of you for giving Jenni the best time last week. We have touched based with her briefly, and she has assured us she had an amazing time, praising all of you. You certainly did Barracuda Tours and The Cape Verde Experience very proud.

Please give yourselves a massive pat on the back and know that we are very grateful to you all. For using your initiative and generally giving her a good time, whilst remaining professional and polite.

Louise Thomas our PR Executive will be catching up with her properly at the end of the week and we will pass on any further comments.
Kind regards

Suzanne Brown
Product Executive

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