The Quality of the wines of Cape Verde Island of Fogo

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“In vino veritas” – latin phrase

Article by Victor Orrantia,  Sommelier Expert for Barracuda Tours

Fogo Island and the quality of its volcanic wines.

Discovered  Portuguese sailors, back in the  15th century, Fogo Island is one of the ten volcanic islands which constitute the Cape Verdean archipelago.

Fogo Island is a concrete sign of hope regarding the future of the new generations.

Who would say that an arid and difficult land, with a lot of slopes, at the bottom of Fogo volcano a peak of 2,829 meters of altitude, could bear fruit and especially vitivinicolas fruits. The sun of the day and the humidity of the night have made the grape which Produced on the island of Fogo, gives rise to high quality wines.

From the María Cháves Vineyard, whose production capacity is 220,000 bottles, we can cite three.

Wines that stand out from others for their high quality:

The white “santaLuzia”, the pink “sanVicente” and the red “sanTiago”, produced and bottled on the Island of Fogo, which enjoys a splendid Sun throughout the year,

Spiced with the cool ocean breeze that gives the grapes softness. The ground is volcanic, virgin and for centuries it is the perfect terrain for these “ancient varieties local ”of these fruits intended to produce excellent wines.

The white Santa Luzia has a crystalline appearance, almost bright with a light yellow color, and golden reflections, a wine with character. The nose offers perfumes of ripe red fruits, in evolution. On the palate it offers a fresh impulse, balanced later in softness. Excellent for pairing with seafood, with hors d’oeuvres, salads, it is perfect with asparagus. A wine with an alcohol grade of 13% Vol, which should be served at a temperature of 9 to 10 degrees.

The pink Saint Vincent has a tipsy crystalline appearance, with a curious cherry and pink color, aromas of fruits and spicy flowers. Light fresh acidity with a flint accent is the perfect balance with a spice and ending with red fruit. This wine is served with white meat, poultry and tomato with Mozzarella, it is the perfect companion for snacks, appetizers and tapas, it is excellent for entertaining parties. Serve at 10-11 ° C. with 11.50% Vol.

The red San Tiago has a clear ruby ​​appearance, aromas with a touch of redcurrant fruit. The taste is slightly bitter with full structure. In the mouth the alcohol of tannin leaves a pleasant taste of fruit. Excellent with grilled red meat, poultry, marinades, pasta with spicy sauces. Serve at 16-17 ° C. 12% Vol.

The great Vineyard of María Chaves. Whose vineyards expand by 23 hectares, of land on the slopes of the Fogo Volcano mountain range accommodated on a land that ranges from 600 to 900 meters high. It is a challenge, but the locals, helped by the technicians, deeply believe that this experience will bear positive results from the beginning, both in employment and in the economy of this small country.