SAND LAND Ten things to do in the winter sun island Cape Verde from turtle-watching to desert-biking

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If you thought visiting Cape Verde would only be a beach holiday, you would be mistaken.

The archipelago’s land is just as exciting as its waters, with a huge active volcano.

Located on the island of Fogo, the Portuguese word for “fire”, those brave and strong enough should climb the Pico Do Fogo.

From its peak, you’ll get otherworldly views of Fogo and the ocean.

7) Watch turtles nest on the islands of Boa vista and Sal

Home to the third-largest population of nesting loggerhead turtles in the world, Cape Verde is an ideal place to see the creatures.

August is the best month to watch the animals nest, although you may catch sight of them between July and October.

The majority of loggerhead turtles will nest on the islands of Boa Vista and Sal, and several conservation projects offer tours.

In September 2023, The Sun Online experienced the magical moment turtles hatched first-hand.

8) Ride a horse along Sal’s white beaches

Want to experience Sal’s beaches uniquely? Book a horse excursion and peacefully walk, trot, canter or gallop along the aquamarine shores.

Tours are available for beginner or advanced riders and can cover the Kite Beach and salt mines of Pedra de Lume.

9) Visit the salt mines of Pedra de Lume

The island of Sal, Cape Verde, translates to “Salt” in Portuguese, and here, within the crater of an extinct volcano, lies the Pedra de Lume salt mines.

With its shallow pink waters and volcanic backdrop, Pedra de Lumes is like stepping onto another planet.

Visitors can float on water in unique ‘salt pans’ or enjoy the benefits of salt and mud with treatments and massages at a spa.

10) Race down Boa Vista’s dunes on a quad bike

Nothing screams ‘quad-bike’ like a good dune, and Boa Vista has a whole desert of them.

Spanning three miles, the Viana desert is broken up by dark volcanic rocks and the occasional plant.

It is worth traversing the sprawling, golden dunes at speed to fully grasp the desert’s charm.

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