Portuguese artist made mural in honor of Cesária Évora, in Mindelo

Icon 16 de March, 2020
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Artist used a drill and gave Mindelo a beautiful painting by Cise. The Portuguese artist, Vhils, of his own name Alexandre Farto, offered Mindelo, Cape Verde and the world a mural painting by the eternal Cesária Évora.
10 meters of wall, a drill and 3 days of work were enough.
The mural is in Praça Dom Luís, in the city of Mindelo, São Vicente, Cesária Évora’s native island and is known on the eve of Morna becoming a World Heritage Site, by UNESCO.
The news is from Agência Lusa, which explains that the carved, low-relief design portrays the face of our Cise, “Morna’s greatest voice” .Vhils was in Cape Verde last October 2019.