Welcome to Cape Verde – a land of breathtaking beauty and vibrant culture. At Barracuda Tours we believe that experiencing the wonders of this paradise comes with a responsibility to protect and preserve its natural splendor.
We take pride in our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives that go beyond mere business endeavors. From sponsoring educational activities like mathematical game competitions in local schools to championing campaigns for turtle protection in São Vicente, and supporting beach cleaning drives, our commitment to community and environmental causes is unwavering.

We invite our esteemed visitors to join us in these meaningful endeavors. By engaging in sustainable tourism activities and participating in our initiatives, you become an integral part of safeguarding the very essence of Cape Verde. Imagine the impact of your contribution – from fostering the education of our future generations by providing school supplies to supporting crucial environmental campaigns.

During your stay, we encourage you to immerse yourself not just in the natural beauty but also in the local communities. Join us in organizing visits to primary schools, interact with eager young minds, and witness firsthand the joy of providing essential school supplies to these enthusiastic learners.

Let’s create lasting memories while making a positive impact. Together, let’s ensure that the legacy we leave behind is one of environmental preservation, community enrichment, and sustainable tourism.

Join Barracuda Tours in our mission to protect and cherish this beautiful corner of the world. Let’s leave a footprint of compassion, responsibility, and admiration for Cape Verde that echoes through generations.

Come, explore, and make a difference.

Actions sponsored by Barracuda Tours

Mathematical Games Competition

Save the Turtles

Beach cleaning

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