Santa Luzia, an island in Cape Verde not yet inhabited, belongs to the Windward Islands group. It is located five miles from Sao Vicente Island. This island has an area of 35 km2. The highest point is about 395 m.

The island of Santa Luzia was once inhabited with a few people more or less devoted to agriculture, cattle breeding, grazing and fishing, but unfortunately after some time, due to lack of rain or water, it was uninhabited.

But still deserted, this island is very attractive to fishermen who go fishing and people who like to be in contact with nature, for example, to picnic or to spend moments of complete meditation or isolation reminding Robinson Crusoe Who lived dozens of Years, all alone in an un‐inhabited Island.

It is not known for sure why the name of Santa Luzia was given, perhaps it was discovered on the day of Santa Luzia.
In the case of the abandonment or non-settlement of Santa Luzia Island, it becomes clear that the riddle continues. Some say it cannot afford to support a population due to a lack of natural resources like water etc. Others say this can be solved.