10 Things To See And Do on Sal Island

Icon 13 de March, 2020
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1.Hit the Beach

Cape Verde has the kind of beaches, which fade off into the horizon in both directions; beaches lapped by cristal clear, warm waters. Kilometers of white sand with astonishing views.

2.Relax on a Sailing Yacht

A Sailing Yacht is the best way to discover the island’s life and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Feel ‘relaxed’ and enjoy the warmth of the ocean breeze across the deck.

3. Enjoy Sal Island From a Catamaran

Enjoy a relaxing sail along the coast from Palmeira, stopping at Murdeira Bay, with the opportunity to go snorkelling, fishing, swimming or just relax a board. During the trip, the crew provides guests with a friendly and fun entertainment program.

4. Roar over Sal on a Buggy

Of the road adventure on 4×4 buggies. During this tour, you pass the Santa Maria Salt Mines surrounded by dunes, Kite Beach, Serra Negra and Sal nature reserve where we stop to enjoy the view of the entire southern part of the island. If visibility allows, sighting of the island of Boa Vista. We also pass by the Oasis of Palha Verde and Ponta Preta, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sal.

5.Explore the Desert on an ATV

Arriving on Sal, you could easily mistake it for Mars .

Yes, Sal’s barren, rocky interior isn’t ideal for an afternoon stroll, but it is the perfect playground for a little off the road adventure. Quad tours are available all over the island, but your best bet is to book it through a legally licensed tour operator.

6. Live the Adrenaline

Get your kitesurf!

Strong winds whipping from the Atlantic have made Sal a globally wellknown location for kitesurfing. During the winter months, the island is packed with kite and windsurfers, keen to test their skills out in the tough conditions.

Come Fly With Us!

A unique experience in the most beautiful panorama of Sal Island. The Zipline tour is a great way to explore the amanzing views. You fly over the crystal-clear waters, with the possibility, to see sharks under your feet. (There are only 3 ziplines in the world crossing the ocean).

7. Scuba Diving Around Sal

The aforementioned marine diversity also makes the Cape Verde islands an amazing place to dive – expect more sharks and turtles beneath the waves, as well as tropical fish, manta rays and other weird and wonderful beasts of the depths.

8. Сatch Your Fish

Also commonly referred to as the world’s capital of Blue Marlin fishing, the months of March, April, May and June provide the best time for Atlantic Blue Marlin big game fishing in Cape Verde. From June to October the marlin fishing is still very good, with calmer seas and you can also target popular fishing species such as Wahoo, Yellowfin tuna, Dorado and Sailfish.

9. Discover Other Islands




10. Enjoy Sun and Sand!

The island of Sal is one of the sunniest areas in Cape Verde with white sandy beaches for the ultimate beach experience. Despite the arid-like conditions, the island is endowed with long beaches and great resorts. Santa Maria’s Beach is the most beautiful beache on the island to spend a day lazing arround. Walking along the beaches, engaging in beach sports such as football and volleyball, and playing with the sand is an explorative activity for tourists to engage in while at the same time taking refreshing dips in the ocean. Horse riding along the beach in the evening will crown the beach experience as you enjoy the setting sun. The island of Sal is an all-year-round tourist destination with sunshine present throughout the year.