Santo Antao is the most nor­ther­ly and  
westerly island of the archipe­lago.
Covering an area of 779 km2, it is the  
second largest Cape Ver­de island and  
also the one with the highest rainfall.  
The mountain range running from  
northeast to southeast culmi­nates in  
Topo de Coroa (Top of the Crown)  
with an altitude of 1979 metres.

The landscape on the western side of  
the island is one of desert, contras­ting  
sharply with the fresh and green  
eastern side and which makes Santo  
Antao an eminently agricultural island.
Here nature lovers can discover  
fascinating landscapes of towering  
moun­tains and cliffs that fall hea­dlong  
into the sea.
Rich in sugar cane, this is the island that produces the largest quantity of the typical drink of the  
whole archipelago, the famous "grog", still manufactured in the "old-fashioned way". The  
inhabitants of Santo Antao dedicate themselves to agriculture, basically because the rainfall on the  
island is far more abundant than in the rest of the archipelago.
Santo Antao is considered by many as the most beautiful of Cape Verde islands,
and is certainly the most sought after by visitors who love trekking.