The desert like landscape of Sal  
Island does not always create a ‘love  
at first sight’ situation.

But after just a few hours a kind of  
"seduction game" will begin which is  
hard to explain. The silky sands of  
the beaches, the clear eme­rald  
green water, the friend­liness of  
the places, excellent ho­tels and  
restau­­ran­ts, the vi­sitor beco­mes  
en­chan­ted by every­thing… a fas­ci­
nation and a sense of well being felt by  
some­one who feels welcome!

Then it just becomes an accu­m­u­lation  
of discoveries and making friends that  
will leave you sad when its time to  
depart - "hora di bai" for the na­ti­ves.

Sal nightlife is very lively! Places like  
the Kalema Bar, Discoteca Pirata that  
leaves all lovers of African music brea­
thless - AFRO DISC TOTAL! The inha­
bitants of Sal love it when visi­tors join  
them and have a good time in their  
Sal Island has everything to offer for those unforgettable holidays: excellent accommo­dation,  
sympathetic service, excellent gastronomy - with special mention for the fresh fish caught daily by  
local fishermen, entertainment, sports - especially windsurfing, diving and kite­sur­fing, walks along  
deserted beaches, amenable and temperate climate, peace, tran­quillity, safety…
BarracudaTours excursions on Sal and the other islands can be booked locally
to complete this magnificent pano­rama for those relaxing holidays.