The Sobrados, colonial-style ma¬≠nor houses, are also very inte¬≠resting. And, if all these attractions  
are not enough, Fogo is also known as a producer of coffee that is considered by many as one of  
the best in the world.
The Fogo Volcano, ex-libris of the  
island, is the major tourist attraction  
and reaches a height of 2829 metres.

Cha das Caldeiras, situated inside  
the crater of the still active  
volcano, is a village that provides  
the visitor with unforgettable  
memories through the richness of  
colour tones, contrasting lava  
landscapes with agricultural  
plantations that produce the  
famous fogo wine.

The houses, built from the black  
volcanic stone, remind us of an al-
most biblical landscape.

The capital Sao Filipe is candidate  
for World Heritage, and the narrow  
paved streets, gardens with trees  
and flowers and colonial  
architecture provide the town with  
a very special charm of its own.