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CIRCUIT BarracudaTours 03



DAY 04

08:30 Full-day visit to the Ilha de San­ti­ago.  
Cidade Velha, Mercado Municipal da Praia  
and continuation of the excursion to inland  
Santiago, passing through Pedra Badejo,  
São Jorge dos Orgãos and Asso­ma­da.  
Lunch in Tarrafal

DAY 05

Transfer to Santiago Airport for your flight  
Cidade da Praia to São Filipe the Airport on  
the Ilha do Fogo. Transfer to your  
accommodation in São Fi­lipe. On this day  
we have organised a half-day visit to the  
town of São Filipe, candidate for World  
Patrimony, Porto dos Cavaleiros and the  
fishing village of Salinas, well known for its  
black volcanic rock and sand

DAY 06

For this day we have organised an unfor­get­
table full-day excursion to the vol­canic crater  
at Chã das Caldeiras. Picnic at a rus­tic  
house in Chã das Cal­dei­ras

DAY 07

Transfer to São Filipe Airport for your flight to  
Transfer to your accommodation in Santa  

DAY 08

Transfer to Airport for your return fli­ght.
(Must have a minimum of 2 participants)

DAY 01

Arrival on Ilha do Sal
Transfer to your accommodation in San­ta  

DAY 02

09:30 Half-day visit to the Ilha do Sal, with  
visits to the Santa Maria Market, Es­pargo,  
Porto de Palmeira and the Pe­dra de Lume  
Salt flats. Return to Santa Maria via the  
Cabocan Tourist Expansion Zone.
Rest of the day free in Santa Maria

DAY 03

Transfer to Sal Airport for your flight Sal to  
Santiago. Transfer to your accommo­da­tion  
in Cidade da Praia on San­tia­go. Rest of the  
day free in Cidade da Praia