Similar to the islands of Sal and Maio,  
the climate and country­side of Boa  
Vista is also heavily marked by the dry,  
hot winds blowing from the Sahara.

The countryside, dominated by sand  
dunes, coconut plantations and date  
palms, is desert-like in the interior,  
whilst the white, sandy beaches that  
stretch for mile after mile make Boa­
vista one of the islands  
with the highest tourist  
deve­lo­pment poten­tial.

Sal Rei is the capital of the island.  
The life of the inhabitants is very simple  
and evolves essen­tially around the  

Once an island enjoying intensive  
fishing activity, Boavista struggles like  
the majority, compensated by the new  
salt-extraction techni­ques.
New tourist class hotel units offer a high level of comfort,
providing visitors with excellent views of vast, sandy beaches.